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by Hit Snooze

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And here I am,
Yet no one follows,
And yet I am.

Down the hallway,
Faint hue on the right wall,
A half opened eye,

And I walk towards something
That is pulsating,
And it makes me pulsate too,

And that’s more real than anyone.


released May 14, 2016

Created by Eric Bischoff
Drums by Jarret Bird
(and Autumn Leaves is a Frank Sinatra cover)



all rights reserved


Hit Snooze Florissant, Missouri


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Track Name: Cold Coffee
Cold Coffee,
Cold Afternoon,
I never had a friend like you.
Track Name: Monday Morning
Monday morning,
Wake up
Oh, what a shame.
Won't Kick in,
Oh, what a shame.

Guess I'll take a hike.
Guess I'll fly a kite.

Oh no,
Oh no,
Ma, I didn't mean to let you down.

Here I am again,
Hello folks.
I'm your entertainment tonight,
What a joke.

But I'm alright,
Yeah I'm just fine.

Oh no,
Oh no,
Ma, I didn't mean to let you down.
Track Name: How The World Spins
Sitting around,
Bitching and moaning,
I fix my frown,
Pick up the paper and,

What's the news?
Who really cares anymore?
What's the news?
Who really cares?

And I'm hangin',
With all my hipster friends.
They all think,
They're so different,

And I laugh when they talk about,
All thats wrong with the white house.

Tell me who wrote,
The book of life and who,
Said that man,
Should have a wife?

Well I don't like mine,
She just screams all day.
Why can't
I make a return today?

Top of my class,
Still got a shitty job,
Not enough cash,
Made from my shitty job.

I don't know how the world spins,
I won't know how the world spins.
Track Name: Coko
Let it kill me.

Hearing voices when I sleep.

But you don't care,
Do you?

Drilled, my brain is fried.

This hell, and don't die,
Don't die.
Track Name: Use It (Milkyway)
When I walk,
Down the street,
I just stare,
At my feet.

I don't know how to walk
With my head up.

I've seen trees,
I've seen skies,
I've seen colors,
I've seen hives,

I don't know how to walk,
With my head up.

When I'm tired,
I don't sleep,
I don't listen,
Not a peep,

I don't think so much.

I caught fire,
And I think,
I admire,
Floating away,
Like I did that day.

The wind, it came,
It carried me,
With the rain,
With the trees,
To the ocean,
To the shore,

And I said to it,

Baby I love you now,
Does that even matter to you?
Track Name: Autumn Leaves
The falling leaves,
Drift by my window,
The falling leaves,
Of red and gold.

I see your lips,
The summer kisses,
The sunburned hands,
I used to hold.

Since you went away,
The days grow long,
And soon I'll hear,
Old winter's song.

But I miss you most of all,
My darling,
When Autumn leaves begin to fall.
Track Name: The Electric Storm
Time is the wake that forms behind us,
If you stick around, you'll see it mold,
Into the flatness of the sea,
Or the roaring waves of the electric storm.

You're God-damn right I think about the past,
I framed it and I put in my room.

Something's amidst in the water,
And I open my eyes and shield the sun,
Well I can't see through all the water,
But if I could, I'd be afraid and I couldn't run.

Oh, what the hell's the point of this conversation?
Your mouth moves, and your words, they make a song
And I can't get those words out of my head,
No matter how much I try,
They burn slowly into my mind.

And I just wanna lay on the floor.
Track Name: Please Stay, Norway
Take your medicine,
And throw it away,
I don't need your help.

Do not kiss,
The hand that harms,
It won't ever let you get away.

Please stay, Norway,
Please stay, Norway.
Please stay, Norway,
I saw you in my dreams.

Please stay, Norway,
Please stay, Norway.
Please stay, Norway,
I saw her in my dreams.
Track Name: A Silence I Never Heard
Like a silence I never heard,
You told me something absurd,
And I'm in love.

Like the bat to the ball that it hits,
I took a look at you, and I said "Oh Shit"
I'm in love.

Fall is here, and I'm crazy.
I'm looking forward but the road is hazy.

The light bends the colors,
I think I'll have another,

They say it follows you wherever you go,
I wonder if you even know,
How to love.

We both saw the buildings fall,
We looked away like we saw nothing at all,
Well that's love.

Somewhere, far, far away,
There's a place hovering lightly over reality,
And I believe you can find me there,
I believe I can find me there.

Nothing has to be the way it is,
Nothing has to be the way it is,
Nothing has to be the way it is,
Nothing has to be the way it is.

I believe in what I don't see,
I believe in dreams, baby.
Track Name: Seventeen
She was only seventeen.
Learned to kill,
With her multi-colored pills.

And it was crazy,
They called her crazy.

Had a hunch,
Wouldn't last another month.
Stayed inside,
Stared up at a light.

And it was beautiful,
It was beautiful.

Feeling old,
Everybody's feeling old.
Getting stoned,
In my room when I'm alone.

And it's working,
Told my friends I'm working.

Shed your skin,
Forget the day again.
Already late,
Mark the fucking day.

But it's nothing,
Tomorrow is nothing.
Track Name: Be Here Tomorrow
Cut me,
And you'll see,
That I bleed blue.

Hate me,
And you'll see,
I can hate too.

I can't see.

Drown me,
And you'll see,
That I breathe too.

Stone me,
And you'll see,
I can break through.

I can't see.
I can't breathe.

Well I got so tired of layin' down,
Thought I might take a ride downtown.

Tell me friend, who, what, when,
Did you become so intelligent?

You don't know me,
You don't know me now.

Will you still be here tomorrow?
I don't care,
I just like having somebody to talk to.

Either way there's still sorrow,
Sitting in the back of my head,
Like a moldy piece of cheese.

But that's how it goes.

Will you still hold my hand,
If you see the hard days sun,
Has made it tanned and coarse to touch?

Will you still be my fan,
When my bands all broken up,
And I've gone ugly and I can't sing too much?